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Colorado Ski Vacation with John

3/2/2001 - 3/4/2001

John McTurnan and I escaped to Colorado for a three-day weekend of skiing and snowboarding. I was able to meet up with friends from Notre Dame (Chris and Nicole Mueller, Marc Hedahl), Andersen (Melinda Jones), and Diamond (Battista Psenda).

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Colorado Ski Vacation with John

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Nicole & Chris Prepare for the Mountain

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Battista Psenda, Ski Master

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Copper Mountain Trails

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Diamond Amigos

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Tackling the Mountain

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McTurnan in Action!

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Lunchtime in the Lodge

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Texas Connection

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Atop Copper Mountain

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The Back Bowls of Copper

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Chairlift Buddies

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Copper Mountain Panoramic

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John Says, 'I'm Finished!'

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