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Night in New Orleans


My cousin, Brent Lindley, is lucky (brave?) enough to live in the French Quarter of New Orleans. So my sister, Jamie, and I paid a little visit over Halloween weekend to say hi and eat all his Nutty Bars. Oh, and Jamie brought with her five (yes five) of her girlfriends from San Antonio. All together, we had a great time in N'awlins. Thanks, Brent!

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Night in New Orleans

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The Ladies, Ready for the French Quarter!

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Jake is Speechless

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Dedie, Laura, and Michelle at Patty O's

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Brother & Sister at Pat O'Brien's

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Bourbon Street at Night

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Is This Going to Get Back to Mom?

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Dana Makes a New Friend

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Entering the Cat's Meow

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Brent & Jamie

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The Cousins

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Jeff Surrounded by the Ladies

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Michelle & Brent Havin' Fun

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The Ladies on Stage at Razzoo's

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Teacher Bonding

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...and More Teacher Bonding

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Laura, Jeff, & Michelle

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Hey There, Soldier

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Jamie and Her Marine

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Jamie, Justin, and Dana, Closing Out a Fun Night

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