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Our Favorites

So as you can tell, we've taken a lot of photos with our digital cameras. These are our favorites, whether due to impressive composition, amazing sights, or simply great memories.

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Our Favorite Photos

Happy Girl
Jeff at Iguazu
Falling for Iguazu, 3/16/2007
Hello, Brazil
Falling for Iguazu, 3/15/2007
Bathed in Sunlight
Gondola Over Rio
Postcard from Angkor
Erin & Jeff in Bangkok
Taking it All In
Showing Respect
Capturing the Moment
Tunisian Windows
Erin, Jeff, Pillars, and Sky
Dad Cheers Them On
Chris & Leigh, 7/2/2005
So You're My Daddy?
Look at That Tongue!
Jeff at Angel Falls
Jamie, Jeff, ...and KATIE!!!
Erin and Jeff in Bora Bora
Erin and the Stunning Bora Bora Sunset
Double Rainbow!
My Desktop Wallpaper
Erin & Jeff at Chichen Itza
The First Dance
Adam & Abby, 12/13/2003
Vermont Farmhouse & Foliage
Arrrrruba!, 8/30/2003
Leeds Castle
A Great Day in the Park
Mysterious Couple on the Canal
Engaged in Venice: Part II, 3/4/2003 11:03:00 AM
Erin and Her Carnivale Mask
Engaged in Venice: Part II, 3/4/2003 11:01:00 AM
She Said Yes!
Engaged in Venice!, 3/2/2003 5:28:00 PM
Erin in the Clouds
Erin Stauffer, Swimsuit Model
Brother & Sister at Pat O'Brien's
White Ginger Flower at El Yunque
Dawn Over Monroe Harbor
Sitting Pretty at Lake Louise
Lake Louise... from Our Window
Erin Takes a Mineral Bath
Erin in the Meadow
Panning Across Machu Picchu
Jeff in the Andes
A Message Back Home
Jeff and Machu Picchu
The Westeners & Machu Picchu
Morning Rays on Huayna Picchu
Shrine of Rocks Atop the Pass
Camping at 13,000+ Feet
This is AWESOME!
Welcome to the Inca Trail!
One Incredible Day
On Top of the World
Greg Lives Up to His Number
The Hartford Cigna Team at the Circus
A Sunny Day in Times Square
Erin at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
NYC Panoramic - A Changed Landscape
Jeff & Erin at the Venetian
Catalina's 11, 3/9/2002
Jeff & Erin before the Eiffel Tower
Americans in Paris, 2/18/2002
Cheer, Cheer for ol' Notre Dame!
Americans in Paris, 2/18/2002
Erin and the Canals of Amsterdam
Suave Couple #2: Jeff & Erin
Lookin' Cool (or Somethin')
Jeff and the New Marathoner!
Time to Start Drinking and Head Back to the Ship
Jeff, Erin, Emily, & Mike at Coco Cay
Straw Market Fire, 30x Zoom
This Group Knows How to Have Fun
Majesty of the Seas & Fantasy
Abby & Adam
The Gang at the Reflecting Pool
Panoramic of Volcanos, Lakes, and Llamas
Return to Ecuador, 4/27/2001
Jeff & the Ecuadorian Police
Return to Ecuador, 4/27/2001
Return to Ecuador, 4/27/2001
My Best Shot... EVER!
Return to Ecuador, 4/26/2001
Looking at Abby and Emily Baby Pictures
Atop Copper Mountain
Charlie's Angels
Burghers of Calais
Big Ben and the London Eye
Saint Michael's Cathedral
The Famous Manneken-Pis
Showgirl with Ben and Jeff
Two Memphis Belles
Stadium Panoramic
Lou! (Bob?)
Empire State Building at Night
Autumn in New York, 10/8/2000
Jeff and Sara by the Pier
Reaching the Jungle Waterfall
The Amazon Jungle, 5/31/2000
Jeff and the Boa Constrictor
The Amazon Jungle, 5/31/2000
'Indiana' Jeff
The Amazon Jungle, 5/31/2000
Jeff and His Sea Lion Friend
Jeff's Titanic Pose
Galapagos Turtle: Close-Up
Jeff Befriends a Local
A Happy Group of Tourists
Studs in Leather Jackets
We're there! It's the Bridge!
Stopping to Admire the Ecuadorian Countryside
At the Equator!