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Panoramic Showcase

Here are all the photos we've taken as "panoramics." Meaning, we took several photos side by side, and then used software to stitch the photos together into one.

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Panoramic Showcase

GBI Panoramic
Panoramic of Horseshoe Falls
CMT2: Niagara, 7/7/2007
Panoramic of the Falls
Falling for Iguazu, 3/15/2007
Jeff Stakes His Claim
Panoramic Atop Phnom Bakheng
Panoramic Atop Angkor Wat
Grand Palace
Quincy Market Panoramic
Panoramic from the Hotel Room
Sweet Suite
Cairo Panoramic
In the Courtyard
Saqqara Panoramic
Ancona Countryside
Panoramic of the Gran Sasso
Maltese Landscape #2
Maltese Landscape #1
Panoramic of the Carthage Ruins
Statue Hall Panoramic
Panoramic of Barcelona
Rome Panoramic
Roman Holiday, 9/10/2005
Coliseum Panoramic
Roman Holiday, 9/10/2005
Panoramic of the Roman Forum
Roman Holiday, 9/10/2005
Panoramic of Dublin Bay
An Irish Valentine, 2/20/2005
Panoramic from Atop the Guinness Brewery
An Irish Valentine, 2/19/2005
The City of Caracas
The River Bend
Panoramic, Top to Bottom
Hotel View Panoramic
Road-Trippin' Through New Mexico
Night Game at Yankee Stadium
The View From Belvedere
Panoramic View From our Bungalow
Valley of the Sun 180°
Red Rock Country Panoramic
Panoramic of Sedona from Airport Lookout
Panoramic Atop the Castle of Kukulcan
The Cancun Hilton
Vermont Countryside in Fall
The Roman Baths
The Palace
Panoramic of Simi Valley
Escape to L.A., 5/26/2003
Mann's Chinese Theater
Escape to L.A., 5/25/2003
Our Room at Piazza Sant'Angelo
Engaged in Venice: Part II, 3/4/2003 4:49:00 PM
Panoramic of Piazza San Marco
Engaged in Venice!, 3/3/2003 3:20:00 PM
Panoramic View from Jackson Hole
Our Room at Los Torres Gemelas
Panoramic of the Los Torres Gemelas Pool Area
Panoramic at Camden Yards
Panning Across the Rain Forest
North Shore Panoramic from the Rain Forest
San Juan Coastline Panoramic
Panoramic of Erin at Shadow Lake
Valley Southeast of Banff
Panning Across Machu Picchu
Panoramic Atop Huayna Picchu
The Sun Gate Before Sunrise
Panoramic of Phuyupatamarka and Incan Terraces
Atop the First Pass
Breakfast on Day #1
Saqsayhuaman at Sunset
Daytime Panoramic of Cuzco's Town Square
Cuzco Town Square at Night
Peruvian Countryside
Nightime Panoramic of Qualcomm
Daytime Panoramic of Qualcomm
Arriving at the San Diego Marriott Marina
Softball Field Panoramic
Three-Ring Circus Panoramic
Shea Stadium Panoramic
Midtown Panoramic
NYC Panoramic - A Changed Landscape
St. Patrick's at Night
Play Ball! Panoramic of Yankee Stadium
Marble Tiled Bathroom
The Waldorf Bedroom
Louvre Panoramic (big!)
Americans in Paris, 2/20/2002
Hall of French Sculptures
Americans in Paris, 2/20/2002
Paris Panoramic from the Eiffel Tower
Americans in Paris, 2/19/2002
Place de la Concorde Panoramic
Americans in Paris, 2/19/2002
Notre Dame Cathedral
Americans in Paris, 2/18/2002
Leidseplein Panoramic at Night
The Royal Palace in Miniature
Panoramic of the Edgewater Bed & Breakfast
One Last Look at Honolulu
Diamond Head, Seen from the Course
Names of the Fallen
Panoramic of Hanauma Bay
Honolulu at Night
ND Stadium Panoramic
USC vs. Notre Dame, 10/20/2001
Daytime Panoramic of Wrigley
Panoramic of Wrigley at Dusk
Majesty of the Seas & Fantasy
Panoramic of the Ship's Deck
Panoramic of Miami Beach
Venetian Night in Grant Park
Panoramic of the Field
Rotunda of the Capitol
Panoramic of the Mall
Panoramic of Volcanos, Lakes, and Llamas
Return to Ecuador, 4/27/2001
Rose Farms on the Ecuadorian Countryside
Return to Ecuador, 4/27/2001
Panoramic of Quito, Ecuador
Return to Ecuador, 4/25/2001
Copper Mountain Panoramic
Grand-Place Panoramic, South
Grand-Place Panoramic, North
Sunday River Panoramic
Memphis Skyline
Boston Skyline from the Harbor
Weekend in Boston, 9/15/2000
HempFest 2000 in Boston Common
Weekend in Boston, 9/15/2000
Stadium Panoramic
Campus Panoramic
Looking North from the ESB
Autumn in New York, 10/8/2000
NYC Panoramic
Autumn in New York, 10/8/2000
Reaching the Jungle Waterfall
The Amazon Jungle, 5/31/2000
Panoramic of the Ecuadorian Countryside
Panoramic of Banos, Ecuador
Panoramic of Quito, Ecuador
Panoramic of Epcot's World Showcase
Main Street with Walt and Minnie